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If you’re visiting the Disney parks, there are so many amazing souvenirs that will probably catch your eye. But, there’s one that’s my ultimate favorite Disney souvenir and that’s the Loungefly mini backpacks. But what are Loungefly bags? These are the perfect Disney day bag to carry all your Disney park essentials throughout the day. Loungefly bags are also so unique because they’re collectors items. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Loungefly mini backpacks including some common FAQ’s by collectors who are new to the game.

This guide was adapted from my popular TikTok series called Loungefly 101. You can find those videos on my profile (@PeriodicMagic).

If you're wondering what is Loungefly, then click here to read this full Loungefly guide. In this guide to Loungefly, the best Disney souvenir learn about how to collect Loungefly bags plus why you need a Disney day bag, what park essentials to bring to the Disney parks, how much you can fit in a Loungefly bag and so much more!

Looking for a cheat sheet to get started? This free sheet has all the retailers, abbreviations, and definitions!


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Getting Started

What is Loungefly?

Loungefly is a brand owned by Funko that creates lots of products based on pop culture! They have pins, lanyards, card holders, coin purses, wallets, wristlets, fanny packs, crossbody purses, full size purses, tote bags, Minnie ears, makeup bags, scrunchies, sleep masks, mini backpacks, and full size backpacks. In 2023 and beyond, they’re even partnering with Hipdot to bring us makeup palettes.

For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be discussing mini backpacks only since that’s the main thing that people collect and the most prominent souvenir you’ll find in the parks.

Popular franchises you’ll see are Disney (including Marvel and Star Wars), Pokemon, Ghostbusters, Peanuts, Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, Elf, Pusheen, and more!

Loungefly collection
I've only taken one group photo and this is it!

Why are Loungefly products collectors items?

Each Loungefly product has a specific run, meaning that after some period of time, the design will be discontinued. They do this to constantly have new designs in the market.

Also, some Loungefly mini backpacks are exclusives, which means that they are created by Loungefly for a specific retailer. For example all of the Disney parks Loungefly bags can only be purchased at the parks (or online at

red white and blue mini backpack for Disney parks
This is an Americana sequin bag, only available at the Disney parks

Loungefly Definitions

Once you start diving into the Loungefly collecting world, you start to come across lots of abbreviations and definitions. Here are the most common that should help you understand the lingo.

  • AOP means all over print and refers to when a design is randomly printed all over the bag creating different placements of the designs. The placement generally refers to what part of the design you have on the backpack’s front pocket or sometimes above the pocket by the plaque.
    • Everyone may have different preferred placements depending on which characters or parts of the design you prefer.
    • Sometimes within the Loungefly community there is a consensus on what a good placement may be, making bags with that specific placement worth more.
    • Good placement can also depend on the design. Some designs have a smaller number of characters that are closer together, so the odds of getting them all on the front pocket are higher. However, designs with only a few characters that are very spaced out can create terrible odds at getting a full character on your front pocket (bad placement).
    • If you purchase an AOP bag online, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the placement you desire so if possible, it’s best to shop for these designs in person.
Snoopy Charlie Brown Christmas Loungefly mini backpack peanuts
This is an AOP print. Notice how Snoopy's doghouse is not completely on any part of the bag.
  • Aulani is a Disney resort in Hawaii that has their own exclusive bags. Naturally, these are more rare since you can only get them at the resort. I recommend KomonoFinds, a Hawaii personal shopper, for these bags!
  • Chibi is a type of character design that looks like a Funko pop. They typically have oversized cartoonish heads and small bodies.
  • Cosplay bags are a specific type of design that is reminiscent of a character’s face or outfit.
  • Grail is a bag that is one that you really want (your “holy grail”) or one that is highly sought after by the community in general.
  • HTF stands for hard to find.
  • MMMA originally stood for for Minnie Mouse Main Attraction. For the past few years, the Disney parks have released themed merchandise each month and in 2020 the theme was MMMA, where each month was a different ride. Each month there were pins, ears, plushes, mugs, and a Loungefly bag to match the attraction of the month. This year in 2021, the theme is “Stitch Crashes Disney” and there were no Loungefly bags. However, in 2022 they revamped this series as Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction so now the abbreviation could also be that. I’ve also seen MTMA for the Mickey series.
    • These bags are more rare because only a limited amount were made and were only sold in their specific months.
tropical mini backpack with minnie ears and a sequin covered bow
This is the Paradise Vibes Aulani exclusive mini backpack.
mini backpack that looks like Scar, the lion villain from the Lion King Disney movie
Cosplay backpack of Scar from the Lion King
turquoise sequin Loungefly backpack with carousel horse, bow, and crown on the bow with a silver pocket
Minnie Mouse Main Attraction King Arthur Carousel bag

Buying, Selling, and Trading

What online stores sell Loungefly products?

There are many places that sell Loungefly products, the largest being the Disney parks, Hot Topic, and BoxLunch stores (and online). However, there are a number of small retailers that partner with Loungefly to sell monthly catalogs of Loungefly products, namely mini backpacks and wallets. There are many small shops, so download this handy cheat sheet here with a full list of retailers.

Here are some of my favorite small shops (and I’ll tell you why):

  • Under the Sea Collectibles – Their website is incredibly easy to use, making the shopping experience smooth plus the shop owner is always active in Loungefly collector Facebook groups giving lots of up to date information.
    • use code PMAGIC for 5% off
  • 707 Street – They have a great selection of items that many other stores stopped selling awhile ago, plus some great exclusive bags. And again, the shop owner is incredibly nice!
  • Cordy’s Corner – They have one of the best referral programs with cash back on every purchase in the form of shop credit. They also have some great Star Wars and Avatar exclusives, and again the shop owner is very nice and active in the Facebook groups.
    • use code PMAGICREF for 10% off your first order
  • Grotto Treasures – I’m loving their exclusives lately with Zombie Captain America from What If and their Harlequinn Demon from Nightmare Before Christmas!
    • use code PMAGIC for 10% off

Where to buy Loungefly at Disney World?

The Disney parks have a ton of exclusive Loungefly products so naturally if you’re visiting Disney World, where exactly can you buy the bags? Let’s break it down by park. Note that these are just some ideas to get you started and are not an exhaustive list. Loungefly items come and go so it never hurts to look.

Magic Kingdom

  • The Emporium on Main Street
  • Disney Clothiers on Main Street
  • Star Traders in Tomorrowland
  • Momento (if Haunted Mansion bags are in circulation)

Hollywood Studios

  • Beverly Sunset Boutique in Sunset Blvd (for Pixar bags)
  • Black Spire Outpost in Galaxy’s Edge (for Star Wars bags)


  • some country pavilions in World Showcase
  • ImageWorks
  • Gateway Gifts

Animal Kingdom

  • shops near entrance

Disney Springs

  • World of Disney
  • Disney Style
  • Star Wars Trading Post
  • Star Wars Galactic Outpost
  • Super Hero Headquarters


  • Art of Animation
  • Riviera
Castle at Walt Disney World

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Where to buy Loungefly at Disneyland in California?

Since we went through Walt Disney World, let’s also run through where to buy Loungefly in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks in California. Again, this is a rough guide so don’t be afraid to look beyond what’s listed here.


  • Star Trader
  • The Emporium
  • Disney Showcase
  • Disney Clothiers Ltd
  • Adventureland Bazaar
  • Bonanza Outfitters
  • Port Royal Curios and Curiosities

Disney’s California Adventure

  • Julius Katz & Sons
  • Elias & Co
  • Gone Hollywood
  • Knick’s Knacks
  • The Collector’s Warehouse
  • Backlot Premier Shop

Downtown Disney

  • World of Disney
  • The Disney Dress Shop
Pixar's Cars themed cafe at night in Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim

Other theme parks that sell Loungefly bags?

Since Loungefly really does cover more than Disney, including Harry Potter, Peanuts, Dr. Seuss, and more, it’s no wonder that you can find it beyond the Disney parks.

In fact, you’ll spot Loungefly bags for sale at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California, which is Peanuts themed, Universal Hollywood, the Universal parks in Florida including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where these bags are truly are some of the best Harry Potter World souvenirs that you’ll actually use.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens also have some exclusive Loungefly bags, like Seasme Street and Rudolph.

And while I haven’t seen them myself (because I haven’t been since I started collecting), there may also be some at the Six Flags parks because those are DC themed.

girl holding Loungefly bag in front of Weasley shop

Retailers versus Quality

For the bigger retailers, the highest quality bags are from the Disney parks (or, then BoxLunch and other bags with metal plates, then finally Hot Topic bags and those with fabric plates.

The key here really lies in the plaque. Each Loungefly bag has a plaque with the Loungefly logo, or sometimes the logo of the franchise (Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghostbusters, etc.). For higher quality bags, the plate is metal. This usually means the bag has padded straps and possibly an interesting lining inside and zipper charm. You can find these types of bags at the parks, BoxLunch, and the small retailers for the most part. Sometimes Hot Topic carries them too, but it’s less likely and depends on the actual store location.

metal Loungefly plate on a Little Mermaid ombre mini backpack with a dinglehopper
Metail plaque with the Loungefly logo
fabric plaque with the Pixar and Loungefly logos
Peep the fabric plate.

Lower quality bags have a fabric plate. These are usually only found at Hot Topic and occasionally small retailers and BoxLunch. Bags with a fabric plaque typically do not have padded straps, zipper charm, or interesting lining.

While Hot Topic bags are “lower” quality, I can say from personal experience that they are still great day bags and still have really cute designs. I wore mine every day at the parks and it was very comfortable, even without padded straps.

The difference in quality is also seen in the price difference where parks bags cost $90 on average, BoxLunch and small shops bags cost $80 on average, and Hot Topic bags cost $60 on average.

Kuzcos poison bottle from Emperors New Groove disney movie with Yzma Kronk and Pacha
Interior lining of a Yzma backpack from the Emperor's New Groove
Loungefly zipper charm on mini backpack of Herald the seahorse from the Little Mermaid Disney movie
Cute zipper charm on this Little Mermaid exclusive from Pink a la Mode.

What’s the deal with exclusive bags?

Exclusive bags are those that are only sold in a specific place or that are created only for a specific retailer. Disney parks bags are some of the most common. BoxLunch, Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble,, and Hallmark each have their own exclusive bags.

In order to find out about exclusives, I recommend signing up for each small shop’s email list and follow them on Instagram. I would also join Loungefly collector Facebook groups. And, you can also join my Loungefly email list and I’ll tell you! Between each of those avenues, you’re sure to hear about new exclusive bags.

Don’t forget to set your alarms because exclusive bags often sell out very quickly, sometimes within minutes! Then, if you missed it, you’ll likely have to get it from a reseller, which is more expensive.

Here are some small shops that have exclusives (this is not exhaustive):

  • 707 Street
  • Blue Culture Tees
  • Books a Million
  • Circle of Hope Boutique
  • Comic Spot
  • Cordy’s Corner
  • Entertainment Earth
  • LA Style Rush
  • Modern Pinup
LASR exclusive Loungefly holographic sequin bag with minnie ears, bow, and snowflake zipper charm
This is the holographic sequin mini backpack from LA Style Rush

What is a Loungefly pre-order and how does it work?

Every month, Loungefly has a new catalog of items that are released for pre-order to be shipped in the coming months. These used to be released on the first of the month, but they changed the pre-order date to the second Friday of each month (closest to the 15th). So, on the 15th (or close to it) each month at 9pm (PST), the catalog is available from small shops.

The benefit of purchasing Loungefly pre-orders is that you’re guaranteed the bag even if it’s popular and sells out quickly, which does happen. For example, a WandaVision mini backpack sold out everywhere within a day of its pre-order release. Because of that, for awhile, the only way to get it was to wait for it to drop on, who release their bags to the public at the time they are in stock and able to be shipped, which is the following month (barring any delays).

Another perk of ordering Loungefly bags on pre-order night is that many small shops have promotions so you can get discounts or earn extra rewards.

My code PMAGIC works at these shops:

My code PMAGICREF works at Cordy’s Corner on your first order.

And while I don’t have a discount code, I am an affiliate with, 707 Street, and Entertainment Earth.

That means if you shop from any of the above stores, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. And just so you know, it means everything to me!! I appreciate every single time you go thru my links or use my codes.

Lastly, there are often a number of exclusive bags that become available to their respective small shops on pre-order night and they can sell out very quickly.

One thing to note is that each shop has different pre-order policies regarding cancelations or payment options. For some stores, you have to pay upfront, others have deposit options where they’ll invoice you when it’s time to ship the bag, and some even won’t charge at all until bags are ready to ship.

If you are new to pre-orders, be aware that small shops cannot release images and details of the bags until Loungefly does, which is typically during a social media Live stream at 3pm EST the day of. It’s a contractual thing, so do not berate small shop owners for more details as they cannot give you any.

Finally, as of 2024, Loungefly has started releasing their stock for pre-order. That means you can now order pre-orders from Loungefly directly. I personally would continue to support small shops (plus you get a discount with my code!), but that’s just me!

Graphic showing various Loungefly small shops and discount code PMAGIC

How do you tell if a bag is rare or worth more?

This is an important nuance whether you’re buying or selling. You don’t want to buy a bag for too much if it really isn’t worth that. And, you don’t want to undersell your products if it turns out you have a rare one!

One of the easiest markers is by checking the plaque. Funko purchased Loungefly in 2018 so at that point the logo on the plaque was updated to reflect the Funko brand. Now the Loungefly logo has a crown over the “y.”

However, if your Loungefly logo on the plate has a heart, that is a marker that the bag was made prior to Funko. These “pre-Funko” bags are more rare and highly sought after.

Loungefly heart logo example with Captain Marvel backpack
Pre-Funko heart logos make the bag naturally more rare as they aren't made with this logo anymore.

Some common rare bags are those that are some of the originals like an AOP Monsters Inc bag and Princess Sketch. These sell for upwards of $1500!

Otherwise, if you are selling Loungefly bags, I recommend checking Mercari for the bag to see how much the current market price is. Be sure to check the bags that have sold, not just the ones currently for sale as this will tell you how much buyers are actually willing to spend.

A final note on rare bags is that sometimes bags get manufactured with the plaque upside down. These are definitely more rare. Depending on the buyer, they can be highly sought after and therefore, more expensive.

How can you save money on Loungefly mini backpacks?

1. Analyze your finances

First things first, I want to acknowledge that in order to get into collecting, I really recommend being on top of your finances. Analyze how much money you make each month and how much you spend. If you don’t know this, how can you know how much you have to spend on bags? Here are some tips I use to save money.

Harry Potter merchandise including the Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook, Harry Potter DVDs, Ravenclaw magnet, Maraurder's Map magnet, and Hogwarts castle mini backpack
The Hogwarts castle makes for a great bag!

2. Shop sales

Now for some actual tips. Step one is to shop sales! Sign up for emails to and for all the small shops you’re interested in and follow them on Instagram so you’ll be the first to know when sales are happening. Also be sure to shop clearance sections as well.

For BoxLunch and Hot Topic there is a specialized system where there is an earning period and a spending period. During the earning period is when you’ll see standard sales like 20% off, and during that time you earn Hot Cash and BoxLunch Money that you can spend during the redeem/spending period. Hot Cash and BoxLunch Money are essentially 50% off coupons (in the form of a unique coupon code) so you get $15 off $30, for example.

You can spend those in store or online, but note that online you can’t use codes that have the same first 4 digits in the same transaction.

Loungefly bag deals
An example sale from where I got this Captain Hook bag for only $44!

3. Use cash back programs

Cash back programs give you money back on online purchases at Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and shopDisney…and a bunch of other online shops. My favorite programs are Rakuten and Honey.

For Rakuten, all you have to do is click through Rakuten to the shop and you’ll automatically earn cash back on the purchase that you can cash out for gift cards or into PayPal or via check. They also have a browser extension that will detect when you’re shopping and ask if you want to activate their cashback offer.

For Honey, install the browser extension and when you’re ready to checkout, click the icon if nothing automatically pops up to activate Honey Gold, which you can redeem for gift cards.

If you use these referrals to Rakuten and Honey, you can earn extra! I also like to use these programs to save when traveling cheap.

And, to give you an idea, I’ve saved over $80 between the two just on Loungefly purchases.

Stay Puft and Venkman mini backpacks held by a woman wearing a Tobin's spirit guide shirt in a library
Love these Ghostbusters Loungefly bags!

4. Use referral programs and codes

Many small shops have a referral program where if you refer a friend, you both get credit that you can redeem for coupons. Sometimes it’s a referral link and other times it’s a referral code. It just depends on the shop.

For example, at Cordy’s Corner if you use my referral code (PMAGICREF) at checkout, you can get 10% off your first purchase and I’ll get a $10 credit to my account.

Often these referrals can only be used on your first purchase. However, creators (like me) have affiliate codes and links, where at no extra cost to you, we get a commission and when possible, you get a discount. These can be used over and over again, whereas referrals cannot. So, if you’ve used a referral link already, try looking for creators’ codes.

I have affiliate codes for Under the Sea Collectibles where if you use the code PMAGIC you get 5% off and Spell Boutique where if use the code PMAGIC you get 10% off your purchases. See the full list or graphic above.

I also have affiliate links to 707 Street. While you do not get a discount, 707 Street offers free shipping on all US orders and I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Using affiliate codes and links are great ways to show creators your support!

Disney's the Little Mermaid backpack photograph with shells
Cute Little Mermaid design!

5. Sign up for rewards

No matter if you use referral codes or affiliate codes, make sure you sign up for a loyalty account with your favorite small shops so you’re earning rewards towards coupons.

6. PayPal, Klarna, and Sezzle

The last tip is to use a payment plan through a 3rd party company like PayPal, Klarna, or Sezzle. Many shops are already paired with them so you just need to select this payment option upon checkout. These methods let you pay for your purchase slowly over time.

I personally haven’t used them because I think it’s a slippery slope, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from those that have used these options.

Free Printable Packing List for Disney World

What are the best ways to ship Loungefly bags?

Pirate Ship is my favorite service to print shipping labels from home. The prices are often discounted compared to USPS and the rate sheets are helpful. If you’re shipping internationally chat with someone from Pirate Ship and ask about their “Simple Export Rate.” Once you ask, they’ll enable it on your account so moving forward you’ll get a special international rate.

Generally to ship one bag, you can use 12x10x8 size boxes from Walmart, which cost 75 cents. You can also get packs of 25-30 boxes of that size from eBay pretty easily. My Walmart just stopped selling the boxes I needed so I recently discovered this.

Packed with stuffing and bubble wrap, the package usually weighs under 2lbs. It might be closer to 3lbs if you add a wallet though. Once you go above 4lbs, for multiple bags for example, it’s cheaper to ship them separately.

I recommend breaking down and keeping your boxes that you originally get the bag in so you can reuse them, if not for this, for something else.

Tinkerbell in lantern with Captain Hook from Peter Pan
Captain Hook mini backpack looking evil with trapped Tinkerbell!

How can you safely trade bags?

I recommend joining Facebook groups to find people to trade with. In the group, put up pictures of a bag that you want to trade and what you’re looking for (ISOs). Once you have a match, initiate a PayPal backed trade to protect both parties.

Using PayPal Goods & Services is important so that the transaction is backed by a 3rd party.

Here’s how a PayPal backed trade works:

  1. Talk to the other person and come to an agreement on a price for the bags, which is typically the market price or value of the bag.
  2. Then, pay each other that same exact amount through PayPal so it cancels out.
  3. Ship your bags to each other and if anything goes wrong, you can open an inquiry via PayPal.

This is a good method for any merchandise trading, not just for Loungefly bags.

two mini backpacks and one crossbody purse all with Mickey and Minnie Mouse aesthetic
Part of the Valentines Loungefly collection in 2021!


Are Loungefly bags plus-size friendly?

Generally speaking, yes they are. However here are some tips for maximum comfort (which really apply to everyone).

When Funko purchased Loungefly, the straps got longer so look for the new (non-heart) logo on the plates.

Check that you have padded straps, which are not found on fabric plate bags.

Look for bags where the bottom of the strap is attached on the sides and not the bottom.

Avoid wearing sequin bags…they can be very scratchy on the sides of your arms and underarms.

Loungefly has also created new exchangeable straps, currently only available for purses, but there are plus size options with those!

Basically, steer clear of the heart logo and fabric plates.

Which bags are good for guys?

Before I discuss this I want to say that these franchises are for everyone! If there’s a bag you like, then wear it! It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

That said there are less “feminine” bags so I recommend those with dark or neutral colors or the Marvel or Star Wars cosplay bags, such as Shang Chi.

There are also a few bags that are larger than the typical mini backpack measuring W 10.5″ x H 13.75″ x D 4.5″ compared to W 9″ x H 10.5″ x D 4.5″ so those would be less “purse-like.” Some of these include the larger Avengers chibi (Skottie Young), Naboo location bag, and Star Wars Trilogy backpacks. These are a bit older, so if you can’t find it at one of the authorized retailers listed here, then try asking in a Facebook group.

My boyfriend wore my Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghosts bag throughout our Disney trip!

woman in braids smiling at the camera and holding a Haunted Mansion ride themed backpack in front of the ride itself
Haunted Mansion Loungefly bag that I wore every day during my visit.

How can you clean and protect your Loungefly bags?

First, before you get to the point of needing to clean them, I recommend using a guard like Scotchguard or Starbrite Ultimate Vinyl Guard to protect them from water and sun damage. Use just one of those in one or two coats to protect your bag from future damage.

As for the technique of spraying the bag, tape off the metal plaque and zippers. Get a paper towel handy and as you spray, blot the bag if the spray beads up to avoid the droplets drying in splotches. If the bag is super smooth, droplets will form easily so you have to work slowly to properly blot the droplets down.

Spraying works best on textured bags because the spray will set into the texture and won’t bead up as frequently.

For sequin bags, you can use hairspray to lock the sequins in.

For furry bags, unfortunately there aren’t any great guards that won’t take away from the fuzzy feel. I recommend cleaning with the below tips to keep those fresh.

To clean your bag, the best thing to use is either Magic Eraser wipes (use gently) or a mixture of light (colorless) soap and water to spot clean.

And, when in doubt, try anything on the bottom or back first in a small area before you try it on the front of your bag.

scotch guard for vinyl and leather
Use this to protect your bag when you first get it!
product image of Magic Eraser sheets
Use these to spot clean any dirtiness on your bag.

What fits inside a Loungefly mini backpack?

Because I usually use my Loungefly bags at the parks, here’s what I typically pack for Disney in mine: my DSLR camera, a kid-sized insulated water bottle, snacks, deodorant, sunblock, hand sanitizer, phone charger and external battery, anti-friction gel, and my sunglasses case.

Other things that do fit inside are Minnie ears and iPads. And, while I’m not a mom myself, I’ve heard they make great diaper bags and can fit everything you need! In fact, they make a great Disney Mother’s Day gift!

If you’re looking for an organizer, the small size of these inserts work perfectly!

All this to say, the bags can hold a lot for any day-to-day use and any trip to the Disney parks.

what to pack in a Disney day bag including camera sunglasses reusable waterbottle snacks phone charger and more
This is what I packed in my Loungefly bag every day at the Disney parks.

What’s the best way to display/store your Loungefly bags?

I use the Billy shelves from Ikea, which I love!

Some people hang them on a blank wall using hooks, like Command hooks.

Many people use cube shelves to display one bag in each cube.

woman posing in front of collection display of Loungefly bags
These are the Billy shelves for displaying my collection.

Is there somewhere to see all the mini backpacks ever made?

I am thrilled to report that for the first time ever, YES there is!

I’ve created the first ever and only Loungefly catalog where you can see every single mini backpack ever made and get information on each one like the original retailer, the bag style, and more. Plus you can log your own collection and see monthly updates for the latest bags that have been released.

This spreadsheet has over 3000+ mini backpacks and is updated monthly. Plus, it’s accessible on your phone via the Google Sheets app.

*Please note that this only includes mini backpacks, no crossbodies, purses, wallets, or any other Loungefly items. In the included User Guide and video Tutorials, I will share how to edit the Catalog so you can add your own collection items beyond mini backpacks.

What are Loungefly bags made of?

Most are made of vegan faux leather. Because Loungefly bags vary a lot in terms of their design, that means the materials do too.

For example, there are furry bags, canvas bags, sequins, felt, and plastic bags.

Are Loungefly backpacks for adults?

Heck yes!! In fact, Loungefly’s mini backpacks are likely too large for children. They’re made for adults.

You see them worn most at the Disney and Universal parks but lots of people use them as purses!

Anyone can wear Loungefly in or out of the parks!

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Epcot blue wall

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This is the ultimate guide to collecting Lougefly mini backpacks which have bags for Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, the DIsney parks, Elf, Peanuts and Snoopy, Harry Potter, and so many more!

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    I see things in emails from shopdisney saying ‘dapper dans loungefly’.

    What’s dapper dans? A store at wdw?

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  • This is awesome thank you so much! I’m going in July and nervous because of the heat i may want spare bike shorts and sneakers. Last time I’d switch my shoes from sneakers, to flip flops if my feet started to hurt but I used a bigger book bag. Do you think they’d fit the sneakers?

  • Heather

    Hey there. Great info in here. I think these bags are super cute. But not collecting. Really looking for 1! The chibi Stranger things with the demigorgon on it. Do you know of anywhere that could be found?

  • Aiden meltzer

    What do you do if you honestly can’t afford but wanna look and find stuff cause struggling with money a lot right now so I was just wondering


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