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Why should you visit Texas?

Texas is located in the middle of the US in the American Southwest and is home to two underrated US National Parks — Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains.

With big cities like Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, there’s no shortage of incredible food including the ever-popular TexMex, Texans’ take on Mexican food, and BBQ. You’ll also find awesome art, history, science, and cultural museums including the incredible Johnson Space Center!

Things to See and Do in Texas

Big Bend National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
The Alamo
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo
JFK Memorial Plaza in Dallas
Eat your way through the state
NASA's Johnson Space Center
McKinney Falls State Park
texas travel photo

Cadillac Ranch art installation

these space suits from various NASA missions are located in the museum of the Space Center Houston one of NASA's space centers around the United States

Space suits at the Johnson Space Center

Typical Costs When Visiting Texas

Accommodation – For budget travelers, you can find accommodation (Airbnb’s and low-budget hotels) in the big cities for $50-80 a night for the entire place or ~ $40 for a private room in a shared space.

Food – In big cities, you can expect to pay $12 on average when dining out, but you’ll save if you eat out at lunch rather than dinner and if you capitalize on happy hours. Look for restaurants recommended by locals because they might be cheaper. Try Tex-Mex and authentic Texas BBQ! Save money by cooking at your Airbnb.

Transportation – Texas is the second largest state by area (first is Alaska) so you’ll need a car if you’re visiting more than one city. You can get around on public transportation alone in big cities, but you’ll like want car sharing apps on occasion. Dallas and Houston, for example, have rail and bus systems that cost $1-2 each way, but don’t reach everywhere in the city perfectly.

You’ll need a car to see this state most likely! Those will run you about $20 a day on average, but you can find them cheaper. Note, if you are not 25 years old, you’ll have to pay an “underage” fee as that is the minimum age to rent a car in the US.


EN - 728x90

Animations representing Texas

Suggested daily budget – $80-90 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in low-budget accommodation, renting a car, eating out a little, and cooking most of your meals. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher! If you are splitting any costs with traveling companions, this number will be lower!)

Money Saving Tips

Try to visit in the off season, the weather is mild year round!
Use public transportation, if possible. Rent a car for a day or two if needed.
Get city passes to bundle your entry prices for a discount
Make use of happy hours and lunch deals to save money on the delish Texas food!

My Must Have Guides For Traveling to Texas


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