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Madigan's Dublin Restaurant Ireland

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    You might automatically think of beer, whiskey, and drinking when you think of Dublin, Ireland. But, I was happily surprised to find some delicious places to eat scattered throughout the city. We’re talking the absolute best food I’ve ever had while traveling…it was in Dublin and it wasn’t Irish! Keep reading this post for 5 local recommended restaurants in Dublin, including the one I dream about wayyyy too frequently.

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    1. Zaytoon

    I’m starting with the absolute best because if you stop reading early at least you’ll have added Zaytoon to your list! One night in Dublin, we were out decently late doing a pub crawl. I wasn’t drinking too much because I was in Dublin for a conference after all. But the main thing stopping me is that I would rather spend my money on food. It’s just how my priorities fall. Anyway, while we were on this organized pub crawl we asked our local guides for restaurant recommendations in the Temple Bar District so we could ditch the drinking for eating! They recommended Zaytoon, a Persian quick service restaurant in the heart of the district. Generally, you order some form of tender marinated meat, whether it is cooked on a skewer (shish) or sliced (doner), that is placed on taftoon bread, which is cooked in a stone oven. The dish is topped with flavorful veggies and the most delicious sauce! They also have lots of yummy vegetarian options. I really had never had Persian food before, but now I still have cravings for this place! I still count my lucky stars that we got this recommendation so early in our trip because we went back twice!

    Location: 15 Parliament St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2

    The nearest tram stop is Jervis, Westmoreland, or Trinity. The trams don’t run through the Temple Bar area so you’re best bet is stopping there and walking in or taking a public bus, which does stop closer by. Check here for more details.

    restaurant in dublin, zaytoon, persian food
    Persian food, doner meat, dublin restaurant

    2. M & L Chinese Restaurant

    I know you were expecting Irish restaurants, but here we are. I’d like to preface this section by saying that I’m Jewish and Chinese food is a staple in my family (aka I know good Chinese food). M & L Chinese Restaurant was crazy delicious and reasonably priced for the portions. The steamed pork dumplings, kung pao chicken, fried rice, and French beans were all to die for. Again, we went back two more times after our first visit! So delicious.

    Location: 13/14 Cathedral St., North City, Dublin 1

    It’s on a side street off of O’Connell Street Upper (a main road running through Dublin and also home to the Spire – a giant, impossible to miss sculpture in the middle of the road). The closest tram stop is Upper O’Connell.

    chinese food dublin ireland, best restaurants in dublin

    3. Madigan’s

    Okay time for Irish food. When we first arrived to Dublin, it was too early to check-in to our hotel. The gentleman at the front recommended that we check out Madigan’s. Now, I don’t know if it was the extreme exhaustion and jet-lag, but this was the best cottage pie I’ve ever had. I had the Guinness Cottage Pie with 4 cuts of beef slow cooked with vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes. I was in love. They also had an extensive Irish whiskey menu and other comforting, warm stews that all looked incredible!

    Location: 19 O’Connell St., North City, Dublin 1

    The closest tram stop is Upper O’Connell or Parnell.

    Madigan's Dublin Restaurant Ireland

    4. Kingfisher

    This one was recommended to us for fish and chips. Kingfisher is also a hotel, but the restaurant is open to all. When we arrived for dinner it was pretty packed (a good indicator that the food was good). We only waited for 15 minutes and were served quickly. I had the fish and chips, which cost €15 and came with fresh peas, chips, and homemade tartar sauce on the side. It was really delicious and everything you want from fish and chips. Crispy on the outside, but melt-in-your-mouth on the inside. Highly recommend.

    Location: 166 Parnell St., Rotunda, Dublin 1

    The nearest tram stop is Upper O’Connell.

    fish and chips in Dublin Ireland, Ireland best restaurants

    5. Guinness Storehouse

    If you’re short on time, but looking for traditional Irish food and a great tourist destination to check off, the Guinness Storehouse has great food! I wouldn’t say this was recommended to us for the food, but more as one of the top things to do in Dublin…and I agree. I have a full guide on the Guinness Storehouse here, which includes info on the Gravity Bar, where to learn to pour your own pint, and more!

    As for the food, there are a number of cafés inside where many of the menu items are cooked with Guinness in some way. I had the Beef and Guinness stew and it was delicious – kind of pricey at €17, but it was a large portion so you could split it between two people. The fun thing about eating at the Guinness Storehouse is that each menu item has a Guinness pairing recommendation so you could elevate your meals if you want!

    Location: St James’s Gate, Dublin 8

    You can get there via public transportation where the nearest stop is St James’s Hospital. This is what we did without a problem!

    Guinness Storehouse in DUblin, Ireland, guinness stew

    *Bonus* 6. The Cobblestone Bar

    One thing we really wanted to seek out was local music. Unfortunatey in the Temple Bar District, a lot of the music is either not Irish at all (we heard Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker at least 6 times…not kidding), or stereotypical Irish to appease the tourists. We wanted the good stuff. Luckily, locals recommended The Cobblestone Bar (near the Jameson Distillery). They have local musicians play every single night. It was a little crowded on a Saturday but you could always hear the music! Note that The Cobblestone Bar is only a bar; there is no food.

    Location: 77 King St. N, Smithfield, Dublin 7

    The nearest tram stop is Smithfield.

    Dublin Ireland pubs, Irish music, best Dublin pubs for Irish music,

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    restaurants in dublin, best restaurants in dublin, irish food, bucket lists, guinness, where to eat, city guide, travel guide, food travel, travel tips
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    • These restaurants look great! So do the Donuts 😆 I’m just over the water in Scotland so I’ll add this to my post Corona weekend list

    • Oh my goodness! SO many amazing foods to try!

    • Lindley Gallegos

      This is so on my list! I am such a foodie, and have heard such great things about Dublin. Thank you!

    • wow I wouldn’t expect Persian and chinese food in dublin! thanks for the unexpected and tasty suggestions.

    • I love that you recommended the Cobblestone. It’s one of my favorite pubs in Dublin! I go to Ireland at least once per year and haven’t yet been to any of these restaurants… saving this for my next trip!

    • Taylor

      I LOVED the food when I went to Ireland. Everything was so tasty and fresh. I need to go back to Dublin and hit up these spots. 🙂

    • Love those restaurants especially the donut one!

    • I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to read this post without drooling, LOL (so you can guess what I’m doing rn!) Hope to visit these tasty spots on my future travels, so thanks for the inspo!


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